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Your Buying Guide to Giant Umbrellas in Brisbane

Nearly everyone loves to get out in the summer sun, but when the rays of the sun beat down relentlessly, you may want to consider more protection for your outdoor areas. To solve this issue, you may want to consider the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Giant Umbrellas Brisbane to block out those harmful rays and to add more style to your outdoor areas.


There are a variety of types when it comes to the giant umbrellas. Here is a list of the most popular ones

• Cantilever

This umbrella features the main support from one side and this is where the canopy will extend from. These umbrellas are the most convenient as the design of the umbrella ensures that the support-post is not in the way of any of your outdoor furniture while still offering maximum shading. The cantilever umbrellas are available in many sizes and shapes which include octagonal, square and rectangular.

• Café Style

These are the umbrellas types which are used frequently in restaurants, bars and cafes. They typically come in either a square or round shape. The frame is usually constructed out of aluminum and the canopy is UV and water resistant.

• Tulip

These giant umbrellas are typically rarer and are definitely regarded as more attractive and unique when compared to the standard styles. The canopy on these umbrellas curve out and up in the reversal of the standard umbrella shape. If you are looking to add in an attractive appeal to your outdoor areas, the tulip umbrellas are the ideal choice.

• Wall Mounted

These umbrellas are attached to brackets in a wall which allows you to remove or insert your umbrella easily. These types are the best choice for limited spaces or for balconies.

The Sizes

Once you have made your mind up about the style you would like, the next step is to choose a size. The size ranges typically go from 2 meters up to 5 meters in regards to the size of the canopy. When considering the right size you will want to ensure you are able to fit your garden furniture, people as well as improve your aesthetic space while avoiding a cluttered look.

The Design

The construction of the majority of the giant umbrellas is the same in regards to the water and UV resistant canopies and the aluminum frames. However, there are a number of designs that you are able choose. You need to consider the right shape that will match up to your garden and your home. Additionally, you should also consider the right color to compliment external features associated with your home.

The Costs

Your last consideration will be the cost of buying a giant umbrella in Brisbane. The prices of these umbrellas typically range from the low-hundreds up to a couple of thousands. If you plan to use your umbrella temporarily, the cheaper options are probably your best choice. However, for longer-term use, the more costly designs offer you with a longer lasting and more durable solution.



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